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OGF – Master Antixodant

Have you ever heard about this amazing glutathione supplement? Well it is important that you learn about its facts and benefits today. Glutathione is a highly vital molecule needed in the body for you to have a great immune system, prevent diseases and stay healthy.

Glutathione is produced in the liver by human bodies and can also be gotten naturally from most foods. This means that people who have a proper diet are most likely to have an adequate amount of this antioxidant in their bodies. 

Glutathione is an important tri-peptide comprising of the Glycerin, Glutamine and Cystine. It functions both as an antioxidant and antitoxin in your body. It has been known to attract free radicals and toxins in human bodies very effectively. It is naturally prevalent in the body cells.

This molecule is a wonder and by far the strongest organic detoxifying antioxidant known to humans. Its strength is brought about by the sticky sulfur chemical groups controlled by the molecule. Unhealthy items in the body like Mercury attach to it. 

antioxidants-foodsThis antioxidant is however depleted as time goes by. During the early 20s, the natural production of the antioxidant in your body starts to decline by about 10 to 15 percent every year.

This is mainly brought about by poor diets, trauma, stress, infections, aging, pollution and medications among more. In order to produce and maintain a high level of this molecule in your body, maintaining optimal health status and performance is a must. 

This molecule is highly beneficial to the body. It helps in processes such as tissue building, repair, and production of chemicals and boosting of the immune system. It has come to be known as the mother of all antioxidants because of its ability to prevent and treat a wide array of conditions and diseases.

These include; dementia, aging, alcoholism, liver disease, heart disease, memory loss, asthma, Alzheimer disease and chronic fatigue syndrome among many more. 

Aging is a must for humans. However, it does not have to be painful and stressful because of constant illnesses the elderly face. Boosting the levels of this antioxidant greatly helps slow down the aging process. It can even eliminate some major health issues affecting the elderly. 

There are various ways by which to boost the levels of this molecule in your body. Exercise is highly advised as it triggers the natural production of the component in the liver. Experts recommend yoga, tai chi and runs to name a few. Diet also contributes greatly. The best things to eat are onions and garlic.

Vegetables such as kale, cabbage, parsley, sprouts, avocados, cauliflower and lettuce help greatly in production of the molecule. 

Over the past years, there have been Supplements to increase the levels of this molecule in the body. They were however only taken intravenously, through a drip. Many people fear injections and therefore these vital supplements were not utilized. 

The Original Glutathione Formula for this supplement was developed by Dr Robert H Keller MD. Dr Robert was dealing with patients that had greatly compromised immune systems. These included patients suffering from diseases such as AIDs and Cancer. The common link between them as noted by Dr Keller was the deficiency of this critical antioxidant. 

The OGF by Dr Keller has been available since the year 1996. Its functionality differentiates itself from other supplements in a great way. OGF has been designed to easily break down during the digestion process. The OGF is broken down is such a way that what emerges into the blood stream is all the vital nutrients necessary to produce the Gluta-thione in your body. 

The OGF supplement is made up of several ingredients that are meant to achieve different purposes in your body. They include; Vitamin C, Cordyceps, N Acetyl cysteine, Milk thistle extract, Quercetin and alpha lipoic acid among more.

The OGF enhances the production of Gluta-thione by the liver to reinforce detoxification and immune functions. It also improves the Internal Organ Function, promotes healthy skin, slows down aging, increases energy and endurance, relieves muscle soreness and enhances your brain activity. 

The Original Formula patented by Dr Keller means that no one is allowed to copy or change a single ingredient to make a duplicate of the product. The patent also indicates that the Patent Office recognizes and certifies the use of the product to be safe. Purchase your dosage today and increase your healthy living.